Artist: Bouvard

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This is a French Mid-Century Modern period advertising poster for the Transatlantique Cruise Ship Company by Ernest Rene Bouvard. This wonderfully colorful poster features a scene of a cruise ship at sea at night, with a beautiful display of fireworks on the horizon. Surrounding the image it says at the top of the poster, "It's always a party..." and at the bottom, "...on board the ships of the Transatlantique." The central image features a white ship on the horizon, emerging from the left side of the poster. The cruise ship is decorated with what appears to be a string of colorful lights; the same colors of these lights - red, yellow, green, pink, and blue - are seen in the large, colorful fireworks display on the right of the image. The ship and fireworks pop out from the black, night sky that is sprinkled with white stars. The water in the foreground of the image is composed of blue and black, and features reflections of the scene above. The quick brush-stroke like aesthetic of the poster perfectly completes this festive modern poster by Ernest Rene Bouevard.

Ernest René Bouvard was a French graphic designer, illustrator, and poster designer. He began working as a publishing layout designer during the Art Deco period for various advertising agencies in Paris. Bouvard produced his first work for the General Transatlantic Company in 1934. He created works for Air France, SNCF, the Saturday Evening Post and Loterie National. He is primarily known for his work for Transatlantique, where he began working in 1946 and continued to work for the rest of his career.

Printed by imp. S.A. COURBET, 98, Rue de Charonne - Paris XI.

Approx. Size: 16" x 25" (41cm x 64cm)
Artist: Bouvard
Circa: 1950's
Origin: France
Price Range Category: $801.00 up to $1,600.00
ID: 02408

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