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Vintage Poster: Waxine Theelicht
Artist: Kramer

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This is a very rare Dutch advertising poster for Verde's Waxine Theelicht - a brand of tea light candles - from the early 20th century by D.H. Kramer. This poster features a stunning image of a woman in a bright orange dress, sitting in a gray chair, while holding a cup of tea. Next to her is a bright red side table with all of the necessary tea fixings: a teapot, a slice of cake, milk, and sugar. In the foreground of the image there is a majestic Borzoi, who regally relaxes while his owner enjoys her tea. The teapot is resting on top of a wooden frame, with a small candle, tea light, lit below, keeping the pot warm. The bold orange of the woman's dress perfectly contrasts the royal blue background of the image, with the white of the china, and the red of the table creating a wonderfully colorful image. Below the image, on the bottom quarter of the poster, is a bold black background with deep gray lettering reading, "Verkade's Waxine Theelicht." The composition of the poster creates an incredibly modern image that alludes to the style that would come to be known as Art Deco.

Tea lights were introduced in the Netherlands by Ericus Gerhardus Verkade, whom had a patent on tea lights that he had purchased from his son, Englishman Morris Fowler. Although Waxine was initially a brand name, it was used so frequently that it is now the Dutch word for tea light.

This original advertising poster was printed by Van Leer. Amsterdam, 1910s.

Approx. Size: 17" x 29" (43cm x 74cm)
Artist: Kramer
Circa: 1910's
Origin: Holland
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ID: 01436

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