Artist: Oppenheim, Louis (Lo)

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This is a German advertising poster for Helm Duration books by Louis Oppenheim created in the Plakatstil style (German for "poster style".) This poster features all of the hallmarks of the Plakastill style: bold lettering in flat colors surrounding a simplified central object. The modernity of this style was in response to - and was a defiant rejection of - the baroque complexity of the Art Nouveau style that was popularized in France. Bold green and orange lettering reading, "Helm Duration Books - by judgement of experts - highest perfection!" sits in the top center of the image. Below are two books, a small stacked on top of a larger one, that have been simplified to mimic the feeling of the bold, block lettering above. The combination creates a simple yet exciting poster that still looks modern today.

Interesting to note, Louis Oppenheim (1879-1936) was not only a German graphic artist and painter, but also a type designer. He created several important typefaces while working for the company Berthold, including Lo-Type and Fanfare which are still in wide use today.

This original advertising poster was printed by Graph Kunstanstalt Ashelme Co Berlin n39, 1910s.

Approx. Size: 16" x 26" (41cm x 66cm)
Artist: Oppenheim, Louis (Lo)
Circa: 1910's
Origin: Germany
Price Range Category: $1,601.00 up to $3,000.00
ID: 01199

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