Vintage Poster: SPRATT'S PATENT LTD.
Artist: Roubille, Auguste Jean-Baptiste

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This is an extremely rare French Art Nouveau period advertising poster for Spratt's Patent Ltd. by Auguste Roubille, 1909. This is a very unique and exceptionally designed poster featuring an elegantly dressed woman, with a rooster sitting on her shoulder, holding out a dog treat for the waiting canines below. The warm, playful style and lines Roubille uses is perfectly complemented by the color palette of cream white, mustard yellow, chestnut brown, nude pink, and ivory black. A wonderfully fluid and expressive typography surrounds the central image on the top and right hand sides of the poster. Below the company name it says, "The highest award at the Paris Exhibition, 1889, 1900" and below "The best foods for dogs and game birds." This is one of the finest animal-centered images in the poster medium.

Spratt's, the world's first large scale manufacturer of dog biscuits, was started by an electrician and lightning rod salesman from Cincinnati, Ohio named James Spratt. He first launched the biscuits in London in the 1860s, and then in the United States in the 1870s. After Spratt's death the company went public, and it was the first corporation to erect a billboard in London. Spratt's continued to expand, and eventually had branches in several countries. This poster is from the French branch of the company.

This poster was printed by Imp. Lemercier & Presses Americaines Reunies., Paris 1909

Approx. Size: 46" x 62" (117cm x 157cm)
Artist: Roubille, Auguste Jean-Baptiste
Circa: 1909
Origin: France
Price Range Category: $12,501.00 up to $20,000.00
ID: 00283

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