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Vintage Poster: L'INSTANT TAITTINGER (2nd. Printing - Large Format)
Artist: Anonymous

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This is the second printing of a Modern period French advertising poster for L'Instant Taittinger, featuring Catherine Deneuve. This modern champagne poster features a warm background of yellows and golds, mimicking the effervescent beauty of a glass of champagne. On the right hand side of the image you see a tall champagne glass, full, that matches the background. Behind the glass is a representation of Catherine Deneuve, dressed in an elegant strapless black dress, with long black gloves. Her hair is up in her trademark style, and she is gazing blissfully into the distance. On the left hand side of the poster, even with the glass on the right, it says, in simple black lettering, "L'Instant Taittinger." If you look closely, Deneuve's shadow is seen, represented in a deeper gold, on the right hand side of the image. This is a unique modern French poster that exquisitely captures timeless beauty. The second edition poster features a slightly duller color palette than the first edition printing. It additionally does not have the black band at the bottom of the image.

The advertising campaign ran from 1988 to 1992 printed in 3 formats. This is the large, 2nd edition of this poster, printed in France in 1990.

Approx. Size: 46" x 67" (117cm x 170cm)
Artist: Anonymous
Circa: 1990
Origin: France
Price Range Category: $501.00 to $800.00

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