Maitre de L'Affiche Posters

Les Maitre de L’Affiche
Crowned the ‘affichomanie’ (Grand Collection) in the late 19th century, Les Maitre de L’Affiche is a series of original lithographic reproductions of the popular posters of the time. A subscription based service, the prints were mailed out monthly in groups of 4 over the course of 5 years (from December 1895 to November 1900).

These prints were well sought after for many reasons, one being their size. A big problem for a collector in the Print Advertising business was the large size of many of the popular posters, making it quite difficult to browse through. The more handleable size (approx 12’x16′) of these prints helped them reach massive success.

Of the 97 artists represented throughout the 240 prints (plus 16 total bonus prints for subscribers who stay 5 years), some were preeminent painters, printmakers, cartoonists, and poster creators at various stages of their careers.

For the more serious (and wealthy) collectors, there were 3 different bindings offered by the publication company, fabric, leather, and the most desirable Paul Berthon binding. Consumers had the option of putting the whole publication into book form, instead of each print being sent ‘loose’ in an envelope.

There is no question that Les Maitre de L’Affiche is one of the mostprestigious and influential art publications in history.

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